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Flowers River is ideal for new Atlantic Salmon anglers who don't have a lot of wading experience, or for fishermen who may not be quite as steady on their feet as they once were, but still love to wade.

The river, under most flows, is gin clear. In many of the pools, you will be able to see the fish, and we challenge you to try and not pull too quickly when you see a 20-plus pound Salmon leave the bottom mouth open and head for your dry fly! There are anglers who claim, and even swear to the fact, that they’ve hooked fish in the forty-pound class, but can’t hang on to them.  Come and see for yourself - maybe you’ll be the one to finally land one! 




2024 Atlantic Salmon all-inclusive, 6 Day Fly Fishing Package – $11,299 CDN + HST


  • Airport shuttle & ground transportation in Goose Bay

  • Bunkhouse accommodations in Goose Bay, including continental breakfast. (Double occupancy. One night - Pre and post-trip)

  • Float plane to and from Goose Bay to Camp

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and evening snacks

  • Accommodations

  • Fishing Guide, one per two anglers

  • Wifi


Booking time on great salmon rivers like the Flowers is often a matter of being patient and persistent.
 Our booking policy is quite simple and awards our long-standing customers for their loyalty. Once you’ve had a chance to visit with us, you will be given the first option to book for the following year.

If you are a returning customer, you’ll have until September 15th to confirm your spot for the following year and will be required to make a 50% deposit by October 31st. Between September 15-30th we will email our waitlist, update the information below, and new customers will be given the opportunity to book the available space. 


New customers will be required to make a 50% deposit when booking. Final payment will be required by March 15th.



There are scheduled flights to and from Goose Bay from most major International,  Canadian, and U.S. cities through Halifax, St. John’s or Moncton (direct flights into Goose Bay are limited)

You will need to arrive in Goose Bay the day before your departure to the lodge. (so if you are Booked Aug 14-20, you will need to arrive in Goose Bay no later than Aug 13. We will have a representative from the lodge meet you at the airport, take you to our Bunkhouse, and then to the float plane the next morning. We will do the same on your departure date. Ground transfers in Goose Bay and your room (double occupancy) at our Bunkhouse one night before and after your time in camp are included in your package. We provide coffee and continental breakfast at the bunkhouse, however other meals in Goose Bay are not provided.

Please note: if you miss your charter flight into camp, or your bags do not arrive in time, getting them/you to camp will be at your own expense. 



We purchased and renovated what we call “The Bunkhouse” at Otter Creek 2017 and accommodations here are now included as a part of your fishing package.


We know it’s not always easy to get to Goose Bay, so we want to make sure it’s as easy as possible once you get to us.  A room at the Bunkhouse (double occupancy) is included the night before your week at camp as well as the night you come out.  

On any particular evening, we may have single rooms available at an additional charge.  Please speak to our staff if you’d like to see if one is available.

If you want to arrive a day for time zone adjustment or a safety net for travel, you can check with us and add nights to your stay for $125 + hst per night. 

A continental breakfast is included and there are kitchen facilities available if you’d prefer to cook a meal than to go out.



It is important to note that we have a very strict policy when it comes to baggage weight. This is because the charter equipment used is designed to carry a certain payload for maximum safety, and safety is our main concern.


Max weight of baggage is 50 pounds per person and, unlike commercial airlines, this is NOT 50 pounds for a checked bag plus a carry-on – it’s fifty pounds, total, period.

Asking the plane operator to take more can compromise everyone’s safety and that is unacceptable.


We highly recommend that you weigh your bags prior to leaving home as  if you are over the limit, you will be required to leave any excess at the float plane dock in Goose Bay. 



Labrador weather is unpredictable, to say the least, and can sometimes be challenging.


We suggest that you pack a set of warm clothes should the weather drop to the low end of the range, which would be about 5 degrees Celsius.


At the same time that we tell you to pack a set of warm clothes, please remember that it’s not uncommon to see the temperature reach 30 degrees Celsius



The Main Lodge at Flowers River was constructed of red cedar logs some 60 years ago and houses our kitchen, dining room, and two private bedrooms, each with their own en-suite.


We also have two log cabins that accommodate two anglers each, and our newest building is a stunning three-bedroom, six-person log cabin. The grounds also have a large screened-in wader room, which most evenings, becomes the center for a lot of great fishing tales.


The entire property is powered by solar energy and has satellite wifi available.



Remembering that you are limited to 50 pounds of gear, the following is a checklist of important things to bring and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.



First, we’d like to suggest that you bring at least two fly rods. The camp will have few sets of spare gear, but having an extra rod is always a good idea. 4pc rods are also easier to travel with than 2-piece rods.

Rods should be 8 1/2′ – 10′ designed for 7 – 9 weight floating lines. If you use a two-handed rod, the Flowers is an ideal spot for you.

Rarely do we have a problem with close quarters for back casts and under average water conditions, we have some pretty large pools.

​Two-handed rods, including switch and Spey rods, are useful on some pools. Rods ranging from 10 1/2′ – 13′, casting light Scandi heads in the 390-480 gram weights, are the most useful.

Our pools are very “quiet”, so touch-and-go Scandi casts are favored over the Skagit style, water-born casts.



Waders are an important part of your tackle. Please make sure your waders don’t leak before starting out on your trip.  The Flowers is an easy river to wade and most wading soles will work well. Chest waders are preferred over hip waders.

Just as waders are important, so is your rain gear. There is nothing worse than being cold and miserable on the river. Bring a good set of rain gear or a good-quality wading jacket.



Reels should have a good drag system and should be outfitted with a minimum of 100 yards of backing, 200 would be better.

Floating fly lines are the norm and, again, 7-9 weights matched to your rod are ideal.

​Leaders again are a personal thing, in that some anglers choose to use tapered leaders and some use straight. You should have 6 – 12 pound tippet, which will provide for whatever the water conditions are when you arrive.


Tapered or not tapered is up to you, keeping in mind that tapered leaders are easier to turn over and as such usually lead to a better presentation of the fly.



  • Ball cap or wide-brimmed hat

  • Wearable Bug netting if desired. 

  • Insect repellent

  • Sunscreen

  • Polarized sunglasses

  • Camera

  • iPad

  • Medications

  • Travel documents

  • Warm clothing

  • Reading material

  • Fly tying gear



Pictured here are most of the popular patterns you’ll need at Flowers River. I say most of the time, because someone always seems to be inventing a new one that works well.  Come equipped with these and you will be good to go.


You’ll note that looking at the pictures above that we use some pretty small flies at Flowers. Make sure when you’re getting prepared, you have some smaller sizes, both in wets and dries. Not uncommon for us to use flies in sizes down to 10’s and 12’s.

If you run short or need something special, several of our guides are world class fly tiers who will be happy to sell you flies at the camp. Keep in mind that they spend long days on the river and don’t have that much time to tie, so come prepared and use them for back up.


If you’d like to order flies in advance of your trip, Daryl Burry or Brian Sweeney will be happy to fill your order and have it waiting at the lodge for you. Please note that fly orders will have to be placed well in advance of the season to insure that your order is ready.

Daryl Burry

Brian Sweeny


Angling for Atlantic Salmon in Newfoundland and Labrador is only permitted with the use of a single barbless hook. This is a government regulation and the enforcement of same will be strictly regulated at Camp. Please make sure that your barbs are pinched before you get to camp and please make sure to bring a good pair of pliers, just in case.


If you’re having difficulty sourcing equipment for your trip, the following suppliers are ones that we have dealt with in the past and will be able to assist you in getting ready.

The Tying Scotsman

Fishing Fever Fly and Tackle Shop

WW Doak and Son 

Minipi Outfitters





For the past several seasons, we have been exploring a section of river downriver from the Main Lodge and the waters we traditionally fish. In 2020, we built a tent camp space and made booking available for two rods.

We need to let you know that this is roughing it. Your accommodations will be a well-appointed tent camp, complete with bunks, mattresses, wood stove and cook stove. The tent is surrounded by a bear fence. We have added an outhouse and shower facility. On the last night of your trip, you will be taken by hovercraft back to the main camp. You will sleep in our bunkroom and enjoy a late dinner in the dining room and the opportunity to share stories with other anglers. 

You will access the the lower river by way of our hovercraft and once dropped off, you and your guide will have a 20’ canoe and motor, with which to visit the many pools and runs.

You will also be responsible to help with Camp chores such as cooking, dishwashing, and firewood gathering. We will have communication devices available, so that there will always be contact with the main Lodge, and have added Starlink Internet Service as well.

If the above description seems a little harsh, it’s because we wanted to paint a very clear picture of what to expect. However, you can also expect an incredible experience. 

Imagine this: you will be camped out in the pure true wilderness of Labrador and have unlimited access to an entire section of river that the rest of our guests cannot fish. Come and go as you please, relax when you want and fish when you want. Step outside the camp into the water and fish, or explore the lower river. 


As a reminder, there is no private water in all of Newfoundland and Labrador. The inaccessibility of Flowers River makes it difficult for anyone other than our guests to get there, however it’s not impossible. We make this statement as there may be times in your Downriver Adventure where you encounter another angler or two.

 **Downriver Pricing is the same as Main Camp Pricing** For further details or to make a booking, please contact Heather at or call at 902-830-8593.

  • What is included in my Fly-Fishing Package?
    Airport shuttle & ground transportation in Goose Bay Bunkhouse accommodations in Goose Bay, including continental breakfast. (Double occupancy - one night pre and post time in Camp) Float plane to and from Goose Bay to Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and evening snacks Accommodations - Double Occupancy Fishing Guide, one per two anglers Wifi
  • What can I expect once I have picked my dates/booked my trip?
    First, you will receive an invoice from our accountant for your 50% Deposit. Shortly after you should receive a booking package via email. This will include an online area you can return to and includes: A copy of our camp policies that will need to be signed virtually. An angler profile form for you to fill out. Including allergies, medical issues and special requests. Liquor and Snack Orders Forms. A travel information form (for us to know when you are arriving in Goose Bay) You’ll also receive a reminder email a few weeks out from your trip. If you have any questions or need help/clarification you can contact us anytime.
  • What does a typical day at Flowers River look like?
    We aim to be as flexible as possible with our guests preferences - so not every day would necessarily look the same. You can choose to have your lunch on the river and come back and heat your dinner up whenever you return to camp, or you can choose to have all three meals in our dining room. The schedule below is based on all meals at camp, so you know when they occur as well. You will daily be assigned an area of the river to fish. Because of the varying physical abilities of our guests - guests won’t always fish the areas of the river in the same order. 7am - 8:00am Breakfast in the dining room. Our breakfasts are made to order - so you will fill out a sheet the day before and our cooks will start your breakfast as you have requested when you arrive in the dining room. 8am - Guests start to head out on the water. 12pm - Lunch at the Dining Room (or you can choose to have a lunch packed and enjoy it on the river) 5pm - Dinner in the dining room. (If you want to fish through dinner - it will be plated and available for you to heat up when you return) 8/9pm - Anglers off the water.
  • Can I have a private room? Request a specific guide?
    Currently, we cannot guarantee any specific accommodations. We do have two single rooms and you can request one. We always try to honour requests, but with a six-guest turnaround every three days, it can be challenging to meet everyone’s requests. Much like rooming requests we always do our best to honour requests for a specific guide - but we cannot guarantee a specific guide.
  • What do you recommend for gratuities?
    The following are what we recommend for gratuities. (recommendations in CDN dollars) Guides – $500 per angler per week Chef/Kitchen – $160 per angler per week. Housekeeping – $80 per angler per week Shore Person – $80 per angler per week Otter Creek Bunkhouse Team - $60 per angler per week Envelopes will be provided at camp and can be given to the camp manager before departure from the Lodge.
  • Do I need to have my own gear? Do you have any rental equipment available?
    We do not supply fishing gear, waders, or boots, and we do not have rental equipment at the lodge. We recommend our guests bring their own setup as well as backup equipment. We do have a couple of field kits should someone’s rod not arrive (Though we recommend carrying them on with you whenever possible) or if something breaks while at camp. There are a few extra pairs of waders as well for the same type of issues.
  • Do you welcome guests of varying skill levels?
    Yes, we enthusiastically welcome anglers of all ages and skill levels! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Flowers River is designed to provide a welcoming and enjoyable fly-fishing experience for everyone. Our professional guides are great teachers.
  • What is the best time of year to come to Flowers River? Can we talk numbers?
    We attempt to be open only when historically we have had good to great fishing, with our opening week and September weeks being the only weeks we would qualify as off-peak. Historically the businest part of the run is from mid July to mid August but fresh fish are coming in until consistently until after the river closes in September. As always weather, water levels, moon cycles, fly selection, the skill of the angler, and a variety of other factors play into how many fish you may hook or land. Therefore we are very careful when making suggestions of how many fish you should expect to hook on any given day or week at camp. We will say however that one of our guides has said he has yet to go a day over the last two years when his sports didn’t hook at least one fish per day.
  • What happens if I have to cancel or if I can’t come?
    Due to our limited seasonal operation and income capacity, we regret that we are unable to offer refunds for payments unless a replacement for your spot can be found, either by yourself or by us. Similarly, we are unable to carry forward deposits or payments for the same reason. We strongly recommend purchasing "cancel for any reason" travel insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage in case of illness, travel complications, or unexpected family events that may prevent you from attending. It offers flexibility and peace of mind, ensuring you are financially protected in unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our policy.



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If you have questions or are ready to book, please fill out the form or contact Heather at the number below.